First Nations Actor, Justin Rain, wins acclaim for his performance in the highly impactful film Two Indians Talking

Published in (PRWEB) January 7, 2011
First Nations Actor, Justin Rain, wins acclaim for his performance in the highly impactful film “Two Indians Talking.”

If you met Justin Rain 5 years ago a performer would be the last thing that you would see him as. A shy young man, speaking in a hushed tone would convey more of a librarian’s persona than that of a stand out actor. As life often teaches us, our first impressions of people is often beguiling. Justin has always had a fire that has burned deep in his belly, that fire is the passion to be an actor.

The Urban Native Theater Company on the east side of Vancouver is where Justin started to explore acting, getting involved in any way possible.In 2007 he was accepted into the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts (VADA). “Justin was in limbo, taking an architecture degree program was frustrating to him. He didn’t want to be afraid of following his passion, which is acting,” recalls VADA’s Artistic Director, Simon Longmore. “I had to have him, that’s the kind of student we love to work with,” says Longmore. Justin over came obstacle after obstacle during his training at VADA. There were personal problems, financial problems, and the most dominant was that of his speech. He mumbled, and for an actor that is fatal. Today he has over come all of those and more, demonstrating what true character is.

Winning an award for his acting is not surprising. Since graduating from VADA’s Dramatic Arts Program Justin has guest starred on the TV series “The Guard”, Feature Film “Twilight Eclipse”, starred in 8 episodes of the TV series “Blackstone”, and gave an awarding winning performance as Adam in “Two Indians Talking.” Rhonda Dent, the producer, talks about Justin, “He was a pleasure to work with, extremely professional, down to earth and very well prepared. I felt he was the right fit from the beginning.” Justin also performed at the famed Mark Taper forum in Los Angeles. “Doing the play ‘Palestine, New Mexico’ was a major break through for me. I had to over come all of my inhibitions on my voice. Nothing could have been more fulfilling than being a spokesman for my community,” says Justin.

After “Two Indians Talking” started screening the momentum was amazing, winning the Most Popular Canadian Film Award at The Vancouver International Film Festival and then Justin being awarded for Best Supporting Actor in the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival. Justin was pleasantly surprised. “The best part of the experience was going out and speaking to high schools. I got to visit about 12 different schools in 4 days. I spoke to a lot of first nations kids. That was a meaningful moment for me,” recalls Justin. Justin’s talent Agent Sara Parker says “Justin is a phenomenal actor, his dedication to his craft and giving back is to be admired.”

“You can expect to see more of Justin Rain,” states Simon Longmore. “This is a rare breed of actor. You’ll see him in lots of movies to come. He’s the next Adam Beach!”