Crazy8s Film Ltd. in association with Lyran Productions presents

My Father’s an Actor (2004)

Leanne is 14 and preparing a school presentation about WWII. Her dad, an actor, wants to help because he knows all about WWII from his work on the TV movie ‘Brothers of Glory’. My Father’s an Actor is a 10-minute comedy about parent vs. child, creative vs. conventional, and actor vs. reality.

Crazy8s is sponsored by the Directors Guild of Canada to challenge Directors to prepare, shoot and edit a short film in 8 days with only $800 and one 30-minute tape. Crazy8s 2004 took place May 6-13, with a gala screening at the Vogue Theatre on May 15, 2004.


Ouat! Media Short Film and Media distributor


Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival, September 2007 – Best Actor Award

Broad Humor Film Festival, August 2007

CanWest Comedy Fest ‘Destination Funny Shorts competition’, September 2006 – Best Actress Award

Women in Film & Video Vancouver ‘Summer Shorts’ festival, July 2005

Cineworks ‘Refuse Rewind Replay’ festival, October 2004

Crazy8s Gala Screening, May 2004


DAD  Andrew Jackson
LEANNE  Nickol Tschenscher
MICHELLE  Chelsea Florko
BUDDY  Alistair Abell


Executive Producer Andrew Williamson
Producer Naomi Wright
Director / Writer Sara McIntyre
Director of Photography Viktor Simon
Editor Aren Hansen
Production Designer Sandy Buck
Music Alain Mayrand
1st Assistant Director Alicia Brady
Make Up & Hair Stylists Darlene Brister, Marilys Blandin
Costume Designer Jessica Judd
Set Decorator/Props Andrea Bennett

Gaffer / Boom Operator Dylan Baker
Stills Photographer Satu Wainio
Sound Mixer Stephane Bourgeault
Set Dressers Kecia Fossen, Sarah May Redmond
Casting Director Dorothy Szymanska
Story Editors Pamela Cambiazo, Bonnie Jean Mah
Storyboards Pamela Cambiazo
Catering Shooting Stars Catering
Publicist Bill Wanstrom
Flash Convergence Jon Valade
School Teacher K. Ramona Orr


Kathryn Catchey, Jennifer Connor, Douglas Delaney, Murtazah Farvad, Sacha Brown, Piper Kenney, Tate Kenney, Rich Kobelt, Daniel Manojlovic, Camy Ng, Katie Rockwell, Sashi Sen, Chasity Simeon, Kate Smith, Lisa Thuon, Linda Szeredi, Anastasia Vogl, Cynthia Williams


Avanti Pictures, Big Red Barn, Clutch Designs, Calhouns Coffee, Honey Drop Clothing, Jones Brown Inc., Lorne Lapham Sales & Rentals, Parallel Rentals, Post Modern Sound, PS Production Services, Shooting Stars Catering, The Tape House, Thrifty, Vancouver Film Studios

Loving Thanks to

Ron Steeper, Valerie & Greg McIntyre, Cindy-Wynne Kolding, Mary Ellen Sanajko, Vancouver ’04 Flash Forward Coaches, Kit Brocklebank, David Derpak, Pierre Grenier, Ramona Orr, Marlene Bileski, Melody Ruspian, Tanya Zambrano, Vancouver Technical Secondary School, Lisette Tschenscher, Deb Florko, Sara Hattingh, Mary Craig, Jeff Clark, Ronald Ng, Final Draught Cold Reading Series, Dorita Villeneuve, Susan Bastin, Laura Gonzalez, Doug, Steve, Brent, Andrew at Parallel, SIM Video, Jen Lodato