Disease & Desire (2020)

Disease & Desire is a web-series written by Kim Clark and directed by Sara McIntyre. The story is an adaptation of Kim’s publication, A One-Handed Novel. The pilot episode is funded by Telus Storyhive.

Right before a dinner party, Mel’s annual MS checkup reveals that her body can only produce six more orgasms!

During Mel’s annual neurological check-up with dreamy Dr. Sharni, she learns her multiple sclerosis is progressing – no surprise – but is shocked to also discover that her nervous system will only produce six more orgasms. Six! Fortyish and single, Mel must decide how best to spend, save, or at least not waste those precious orgasms. Disease & Desire follows Mel and her squad of friends and freaks through MS-y escapades with sex, friendship, travel, career, money, achievement, defeat, inheritance, home and body. Season One delivers a steamy recipe for Chicken in Mourning, the start of a weird countdown, a sixy dinner guest, and besties who love Mel… but just try too hard. Mel doesn’t want pity, she might need a light, and she definitely wants to know what you’re up to later.

Contributions & Artists

Mel’s alopecia t-shirt by Wilmas Design


MEL  Vanessa Sorenson
DR. SHARNI  Sean Campbell
JOHN  Sandy Robson


Director Sara McIntyre
Writer Kim Clark
Producers Sara McIntyre, Natalia Martinez, Kim Clark

Director of Photography Tito Ferradans
Production Designer Ginna Scotto
Editor Ashley Lynch
Costume Designer Sofia Bosikis

First Assistant Director Oliver Robertson
Camera Operators Renata Batistini, Yandy Liu
1st AC Shubham Chabra, Lila Ferradans
Script Supervisor Natalia Facchini
Sound Mixer / Boom Operator Peter Robinson
Gaffer / Grip Blake Chambers-White

Property Master Dani Ben Halevi
Assistant Property Masters Brian Cucek, Tanya Cucek
Makeup Artist / Hairstylist Natalia Facchini
Stills Photographer: Coleen de Guzman
Craft Service Jorge Cabrera