eFilmCritic VIFF 2010 interview

Original post: eFilmCritic interview by Jason Whyte ‘Two Indians Talking’ is a humorous, uncensored conversation between two First Nations men who are about to take part in their community’s roadblock.’ Director Sara McIntyre on the film ‘Two Indians Talking’ which screens at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. Is this your first film in the […]

Talking at the Roadblock

Dialogue is key in drama featuring local lead Nathaniel Arcand. Published September 23, 2010 by Jen Hoyer in Screen Preview “If today were your last day on earth, what would you do?” “Finish Pride and Prejudice.” That might not be the conversation you’d expect from two Native guys killing time before setting up a roadblock. […]

Did you hear the one about the first nations’ comedy?

By Randy Shore, Vancouver Sun, September 16, 2009 VANCOUVER — A made-in-B.C. film project aims to expand one of the least-explored film genres, the first nations comedy. The screenplay by Sto:lo/Ojibway writer Andrew Genaille will neatly double the number of films in the category. While Discussing Mr. Darcy may not warrant a Native Comedy section […]