Sara joins Langara College Film Arts faculty: From script to screen

Sara McIntyre has been invited to join the Langara College Film Arts faculty to teach Case Studies: From Script to Screen for directing students. The course guides novice film directors to analyze film scripts and articulate the creative elements with which they will tell their version of the written story. The class then watches the finished film to understand how that director realized their vision. Sara’s approach is to focus each directing student on their own individual perspective given their own interests, life experience and cultural framework. Sara remarks –

This course provides my favourite conversation among filmmakers – What is the story and how do I want to tell it? I’ve assembled a list of films that present diverse genders and cultures from the writers and directors, and also various scales of production so there are relatable examples for new filmmakers, and aspirational films.

Langara Film Arts is an eight-month intensive, collaborative and comprehensive program for students wishing to work in film as actors, writers, or directors. Students graduate with a high degree of proficiency in their chosen stream and are equipped with a wide range of knowledge and practical skills to ensure success.