The Last Six

feature film, dark comedy

Kiss Dust Pictures has acquired the motion picture and television rights to the novella Six Degrees of Altered Sensation written by Nanaimo, BC author Kim Clark.

Newly divorced, Mel gets a diagnosis that her body will only produce six more orgasms. She is propelled into her past, her future, and across the country in pursuit of pleasure.

“a high concept original story told with restrained humour” – Diane Cross Massey

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The Suitors

feature film, drama

When Lily marries one of her late brother’s four best friends, she has to push the men out of the nest so she can claim her space as an artist and wife, and live happily ever after in her own life.

  • Screenplay by Sara McIntyre

Chocolate Emergency

short film, dark comedy

A highly functional woman is driven to criminal insanity when her horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad day includes the depletion of her emergency chocolate reserve.

  • Screenplay by Sara McIntyre