Sara McIntyre talks to Wrighting about Film

Re-posted from Wrighting about Film Blog I spoke, via Skype, with Canadian film-maker Sara McIntyre about her debut as a feature film director of “Two Indians Talking.” The 30th Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival showed it twice. As I wrote in my review, “‘Two Indians Talking’ gives us two young Native men, cousins, on […]

“Two Indians Talking” is an amusing, political buddy story

re posted from Wrighting about Film blog by Will Wright At first glance, a movie where a couple of guys talk about politics, identity and oppression doesn’t sound like “good times!” But hold on or you might miss out on the laughs and wit! “Two Indians Talking” is just that (but also more). This story […]

Film review from UFV Student Union Society

The University of the Fraser Valley Student Union Society presented the movie Two Indians Talking in partnership with Aboriginal Services, March 21, for students at Chilliwack Campus Centre. In summary, the movie shows two distinct points of view—education versus culture—much like the fable of the country mouse and the city mouse. One of the viewers […]

SFU interviews First Nations actor Justin Rain

Originally posted at SFU Career Services blog March 2011 “Whenever there is an opportunity to share my experience with people, it usually doesn’t take much for me to jump on board,” states Justin Rain when I ask him about his experiences at Career Services’ recent event, “Indigenous Peoples’ Career Stories.” But what is it that […]

Interview with Justin Rain in First Nation Drum

Justin Rain Wins Best Supporting Actor Award original story posted January 2011 By Lee Waters There has yet to be a Native actor who has really made it. Adam Beach and Tantoo Cardinal are in a class of their own, but let’s face it, there’s no Indian Marlon Brando taped inside our locker doors yet. […]

Recommended Film: Two Indians Talking

Hans Ostrom is a poet, short-story writer, and novelist. He has published academic articles and books, edited anthologies, and written screenplays; and is a professor of African American Studies and English at University of Puget Sound. Hans has written a thoughtful review of “Two Indians Talking” on his blog Poet’s Musings: Two Indians Talking is […]

Review from WLU Aboriginal Students’ Association

Self described as a dramatic comedy, Two Indians Talking offers a thought-provoking dialogue that extends beyond the screen and brings to the forefront the difficulties that First Nations face from outside of their communities and within. Often presenting a critical self-reflection of pressing and divisive issues within First Nations communities—which can be extended to reserve, […]